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Scientifically approved relief from stubborn pain – using the same safe non-invasive technology used to break up kidney stones.

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ESWT is a new non-invasive therapeutic modality with effectiveness, convenience and safety. ESWT has the potential of replacing surgery in many orthopedic disorders without the surgical risks.

Ching, Journal of Orthopedic Surgical Research 2012

Break Up Tendon Calcifications

Numerous scientific studies have demonstrated Shockwave Therapy's ability to trigger reabsorption of shoulder tendon calcifications.

Remodel Deep Scar Tissue

Scar tissue caused by injuries and movement is part of many pain complaints. Shockwave Therapy may be beneficial for people with scar tissue.

Relieve Soft Tissue Aches & Pains

Shockwave Therapy can help bring pain relief in a wide spectrum of painful conditions – from plantar fasciitis foot pain to tennis elbow and shoulder pain.

How It Works

Step 1Initial Consult

30-45 mins duration – we aim to identified the cause of your pain and whether Shockwave Therapy is likely to be right for you. If it is we'll give you your first treatment too.

Step 2Treatment Schedule

Setup a treatment schedule – spaced out – up to 2 weeks apart. The majority of patients see significant improvements in their pain somewhere between their 2nd and their 6th visit. The duration of care needed depends heavily on how long you have had the issue.

Step 3 (Optional)Rehab Exercises

Depending on the severity and duration of your issues, in some cases step 3 involves rehab exercises to strengthen the affected area. Some people also require an occasional ‘top up’ of Shockwave Therapy to keep their pain at bay. *

* Focused shockwave therapy can work well as a compliment to any rehab or treatment you are already recieving with your physio or other practitioner. We can perform a trial of Shockwave Therapy collaboratively – while you continue to receive treatment with your primary practitioner.

Meet Our Team

Hayley McKenzie

Tobias Hall

Charlie Rickard

And who are we?

We are a team of allied health professionals with 20 years experience in pain management – 12 of which have been spent serving the Wellington community.

We are proud to report that we are the only clinic on the lower north island (and one of only 3 clinics in the whole of NZ) who are offering combined Radial & Focused Shockwave Treatments for pain management. Having both Radial Shockwave and Focused Shockwave machines enables us to treat a broad spectrum of pain complaints – and often enables us to get outcomes with far fewer visits.

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What scientific journals are saying about Focused Shockwave Therapy

The majority of published papers have shown positive and beneficial effects of using ESWT as a treatment for musculoskeletal disorders, with a success rate ranging from 65% to 91%

Loppolo et. al. The European Journal Of Rehabilitation Medicine 2014

Treatment of tendon and muscle tissues was found to induce a long-time “tissue regeneration effect in addition to having a more immediate anthalgic and anti-inflammatory outcome

Mariotto et. al. Current Medicinal Chemistry 2009

High-energy ESWT is effective for improving pain and shoulder function in chronic calcific shoulder tendinitis and can result in complete resolution of calcifications

Bannuru et. al. Annals of Internal Medicine 2014

Shock wave therapy is a novel therapeutic modality without the need of surgery and surgical risks as well as surgical pain. It is convenient and cost-effective

Ching et. al. Chang Gung Medical Journal 2003

ESWT is considered to be an alternative to surgery for several chronic tendinopathies and nonunions because of its efficacy, safety, and noninvasiveness

Moya et. al. Journal Of Bone & Joint Surgery 2018

ESWT is a new non-invasive therapeutic modality with effectiveness, convenience and safety. ESWT has the potential of replacing surgery in many orthopedic disorders without the surgical risks

Ching Journal of Orthopedic Surgical Research 2012

Extracorporeal shock wave therapy contributes to healing and pain reduction in plantar fasciitis

Babak et. al. Journal of Research in Medical Sciences 2012

The results of the present study support the use of electromagnetically generated extracorporeal shockwave therapy for the treatment of refractory plantar heel pain

Gollwitzer et. al Journal of Foot and ankle surgery 2007

88% of the treatment group were pain free or had good results. None of the placebo group were pain free, 33.3 % had good results

Abt et. al. Z Orthop Ihre Grenzgeb 2002

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